Grocery Store Savings

The average American household spends $5,000 a year on food.

But there is one way to save: coupons. It takes a little homework, and a little time online.

First, find out what's on sale at your grocery store. Check for manufacturer coupons on those items. See if the store offers its own coupons; and look to see if the store accepts double coupons on the item in question. Add it all up at the checkout line, and you'll see prices come down fast.

Is the item you want listed as buy one, get one free? Use two coupons. After all, you are buying two items, and voila extra savings!

So where do you find all these coupons? Brad Wilson of says, "The internet is certainly the best place to go. There's probably a coupon for 90% of stores you would stop at on any given day." Brad Wilson's steals are available to everyone at his website Steals that may come from some *unexpected* places,"One of the best places to buy groceries is actually amazon dot com, believe it or not. They have probably the biggest grocery store that no one' s ever heard of."

If this all sounds like a lot of work, Wilson says when it comes to coupons time is money, "It really only takes a minute, five minutes or 10 minutes and you can save 20% or 30% or 40% off your total purchases."

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