"Cheap Eats": Finding meals under $5 in Longview

By Lakecia Shockley - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Everybody knows about the dollar menus the chains have. What we do in our "Cheap Eats" series is take you a little bit off the beaten path.

In our last "Cheap Eats", we found several places in Tyler with meals, five dollars and under. In this one, we scoured Longview restaurants to find a lunch that includes a non-water drink, all for less than five dollars with tax included.

Our first stop was "Joe's Pizza, Pasta, and Subs".

"Alright, you ladies need anything else right now? No? Alright," said Paulie Bauta, owner.

It is where the food is good and the prices are even better

"Well, the food sells itself and the prices are reasonable," said Bauta.

At Joe's, a slice of cheese pizza and drink will run you $4.82 with tax. It's a big chessy lunch under five dollars.

"We try to be competitive and we try to give everybody a fair deal. Especially, nowadays with the economy the way it is," explained Bauta.

Across the street at Mi Casita, they cook up fresh delicious tacos.

"Just about any two combinations: breakfast tacos, and a drink are going to run you under 5 dollars after tax," said owner Eric Dean.

The deal is even better for those who dine-in with complimentary chips & salsa as an extra bonus.

"Two tacos, a drink, $4.84, $4.84 Yes," I exclaim.

Next, we traveled to Bodacious Barbecue. On the menu I found a sloppy jo, my favorite.

For a sloppy joe, drink, and side, it is $4.91 and if you substitute the side for chips, it is even cheaper at $4.37.

For those of you who are looking for a healthy option, Beth's Cafe offers three meals for five dollars even.

"It's all homemade," said Beth Augustine, owner. "That's very important that you get a good quality meal for five dollars. You can get a half chicken or tuna salad sandwich, chips, and a drink for five dollars or soup, bread, and a drink for five dollars. Sometimes you want a lighter meal and this is a lighter meal but it's a very economical meal as well."

If chicken salad isn't enough, there's always the good 'ole dogs.

"Oh we got hot dogs," exclaimed Larry Bolton with Hot Dog Express. "All kinds of hot dogs! You name it we got it! Everything on our menu with a drink is under five dollars."

At Hot Dog Express, five bucks will get cheap eater's a lot. With two hot dogs and a drink at $4.45 who could go wrong?

Here are the extra Cheap Eats we found in Longview:

Corn Dogs 7 In Longview Mall
3500 McCann Rd.
1 Corn Dog $2.20
1 Large Drink $1.50
Total with Tax is $4.47

El Pollo Cachuchon
1700 South Green St.
2 Tacos- Drink $4.00 with tax even
1 Chicken Quesadilla with drink $4.00 with tax even.

Now, we're asking for your help. We are looking for lunches for less than $5. Remember, tax is included. E-mail us your choices at cheapeats@kltv.com.