Ray Sanders and his curious instrument

By Jamey Boyum - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - A high school band director from Bryan, TX demonstrated his "mastery" of an unique musical instrument Monday night at the Potpourri House in Tyler.

"Ray Sanders, the turkey baster," the anouncer introduced the star of the show. "What you are going to witness tonight, only a small part of the world's population will see in their lifetime."

"I was going on a mission trip at church, and I was doing the music and working in the kitchen," Sanders explained how he began to play the kitchen utensil. "One of the yound ladies there said, 'So what are you gonna do, play the spoons?' I couldn't let that go I had to come back with a stupid remark. So I said, 'No, I'll be playing the turkey baster.'"

"After playing that I realized this may be a playable instrument," continued Sanders. "With a lot of dedicated practice, of course."

"I had about a forty-five minute commute each way to work so I practiced a lot in the car."

"Some people say, 'Isn't that dangerous?' [I reply that] it's not too bad unless I'm drinking coffee and eating a hamburger and talking on the cell phone," laughed Sanders.

"So, what about those who say you may be basting your time," I asked Sanders.

"There's always critics," he replied. "Always critics."

"The most pure natural tones are made with warm turkey grease. But, the rancid odor after a few days I was trying to find something that looked like turkey grease, so I was drinking a glass of crystal light peach tea one day and I took my turkey baster, stuck it down there and slurped up a bulb full of it and played it. It was a reasonable facsimile of the grease.

"I don't know why people think musicians are weird," asks Sanders.

Hmm...lets not disillusion him.

Sanders has demonstrated his talent on both the Leno and Letterman shows.