Chihuahua to the rescue!

By Courtney Lane - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A blaze broke out about 11 this morning on the one-thousand block of West 32nd Street in Tyler. Now, a four-legged friend is a hero.

"His name is Dimas," said Maria Avelar, petting her little chihuahua. "He's 4 months old. I got him for New Years."

The energetic little guy had quite an eventful day, but for Avelar it was her worst fear.

"The phone rang and it was my son calling from next door neighbors, saying that the house was on fire," explained Alevar. "I said, 'Oh no!' You think the worst, that he's probably hurt or my dog."

She arrived to find her home still smoking, and fire crews battling the blaze. To her relief, her son and little Dimas here were alright. She said it could easily have been a tragedy because her 16-year old son was inside sleeping when the fire broke out.

"My son, he's OK," she said. "Thank God for [Dimas]. You know and I'm proud he was able to wake him up because he's so hard to wake up."

Using his instincts and a mighty little bark the 4-month old chihuahua woke up and alerted the teen so he could get out of the burning home in time.

"I guess he was working real strong or I mean annoyed him, you know?"

While the family lost most everything, they value their lives the most, and credit their four-legged friend and hero for that.

"What would you say to this little guy," I asked Alevar.

"Thank you," she replied. "He's my angel. He's my little angel. Yeah, I know we love each other."

Firefighters said the fire was unintentional, and that it sparked in the master bedroom. They said it looks like it was an electrical fire.