East Texas Town Battles With Water Woes

"I don't know what we'd do without water, " says Carole Lontos of Clarksville.

   Along with 800 other homes, Carole's faucet and all the others are going dry tonight. For Chuck Gross, his plant and produce business rely's solely on quenching a thirst only water can provide. "If I don't have the water, I don't make a living and I don't pay the bills here or at the ho

Today, the City of Gladewater turned the water off for these folks because they couldn't come to an agreement with the City of Clarksville City. For years Gladewater has been suppling water to their neighboring city...now that the contract is up--both are battling over details of a new agreement. But the one thing they can agree on...people in Clarksville are paying the ultimate price.

"They hold the key in their hand, says Gladewater Mayor Paul Tallent. "They knew this was coming--they have done nothing." But Clarksville City manager Billy Silvertooth says he's not budging even as fear are mounting, "If we have a fire were going to have to depend on neighbor cities to come in

As the water woes continue between two cities, folks like Carole have less than 48 hours till the tap runs dry, "I feel like a victim cause they couldn't iron it o