Blue Ribbon Award Winner

"Not only do they come for the food, but for the cleanliness of the place."

For Eloise Pliler and her deli, Mama Moose, the lunch crowd is faithful. There are no breakfast or dinner specials, just lunch. For the past six years, Eloise and her employees have kept everything clean, and her customers coming back.

"We want them to be healthy and we want them to have a safe place to come and have lunch," she says.  "[It's] a big team effort. Everyone working together."

So they are one of the few restaurants to get another KLTV Blue Ribbon. 1

"All day from start to finish, it's a cleaning process. Everybody's taught to clean behind themselves and not leave any messes, and it helps a lot that way."

"Though we're just open for lunch, we start cleaning at 6 o'clock and quit about 3:30," says Eloise, who hires hard workers only.  Some people don't last, they're just not cut out for it.

"We have a turnover in employees like anyone else, and I think it's because we are so strict."

She says it's worked for her for six years, and it can for anyone. "I don't care how old your establishment is, you can keep it clean, you sure can."

Mama Moose is located at 2718 Gilmer road. Inspectors say they set the bar for keeping public health the priority.