Cub scouts' pinewood derby cars destroyed

By Lakecia Shockley - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TATUM, TX (KLTV) - The wooden cars the scouts would have used in this year's race have been completely destroyed. For the last three years Cub Scout Pack 549 has looked forward to racing the wonderfully carved wooden cars - all thanks to the crafted skills of armed service members.

"We've got guys that made cars flying helicopter missions," said Glenn Daniels with Pack 549. "We've got female soldiers and sailors involved and every one has it's on special story. They really put a lot of work and a lot of pride into their cars and when they got destroyed their biggest concern was disappointing their cub scout partner."

In exchange for care packages from cub scouts, soldiers in Afghanistan carve and craft wooden cars to ship for the pack's annual derby race, but three weeks ago that all changed.

"They suffered a mortar attack over there and the connex with all their personal stuff in there they were shipping home. The 18 pinewood derby cars were completely destroyed," said Daniels "It's like waking up on Christmas and there's no Christmas presents and they don't want the kids to got through that."

Pack 549 Cubmaster, Glen Daniels hated to bear the bad news to his young cub scout pack, and now, with the race two weeks away, he's hoping East Texans will help out.

"Help us build 18 replacement cars so we don't disappoint the kids and it will be a good way to show the men and women in uniform fighting for our country that they are truly our heroes," said Daniels.

It's a plea that he hopes could be answered, in time for... "On the mark, get set, and go!"

This Saturday morning "Operation Hero's Scout Reach" is having a building party at First United Methodist Church in Tatum at ten. They need all the help they can get to rebuild the cars in time for the derby race on February 28th.