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Coleman Swierc

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People click on the "bio" page so that they can get a feel for who whey are watching.

Ok, so here goes:

I am a Nebraska Cornhusker, didn't live there, wasn't born there, but GO BIG RED.

I love the feeling of Friday Nights in the fall, and the smell of fresh baseball grass in the Spring.

I claim to be able to play golf, and play I can, good? That is up for debate.

I am a twice-graduate of Stephen F. Austin (yes, I have a Masters) and graduated from a high school in South Texas with fewer kids in my school than most have in their class.

I get chills every time Rudy runs on the field, every time Roy Hobbs hits the lights, and when Al Michaels screams "Do you believe in miracles?" "YES!!!" Yes I do.

I'm a huge fantasy football player, deal with it.

I root for the best team in professional sports, the Spurs, so all you Mav fans can leave me alone.

I do actually like long walks on the beach and slow dances, although I'll be the first to admit I would rather stay home and eat hot pockets and bagel bites all night long.

My favorite movie is not a "guy" movie, no one dies, and no fighting occurs.

Love Actually. Yup. That's it.

I like to say that I can stay objective, on most things, I and would like to think that when people want to see sports, for the way they should be, that I wil lbe the man to turn to, or tune-in to.

I believe that sports are an expression of the emotions that the players possess, both good and bad, and I think that sports provide an avenue for success that other things just don't.

I like criticism, in fact, I embrace it, and I enjoy being able to use it as a means of motivation.

I am new to the Tyler/Longview area, so feel free to offer me any advice you have.

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