133 Years of celebrating Valentine's Day

By Morgan Chesky - email

Posted By Molly Reuter - bio - email

While flowers and candy are good for Valentine's Day, do they stand the test of time when it comes to showing your love to that special someone?  Two East Texas couples know a thing, or two about making love last.

John and Sara Ann Carlisle and friends Owen and Margaret Watkins have shared quite a few Valentines, between the two, 133 to be exact.

"We'd been married 69 years in August," said Sara Ann Carlisle.

"This will be the 67th Valentine I guess," said Margaret Watkins.  Sara Ann Carlisle describes what it takes to make it through 67 years of marriage.

"It's faith and love, and it's forgiveness main thing a lot of things and it's endurance above everything else," said Sara Ann Carlisle.  After marrying on August 30, 1942 at the First Methodist Church in Lufkin, John Carlisle's job moved him temporarily to Lubbock.

Wife Sara Ann wasn't letting him out of her sight and went with him.  She did, moving nearly twenty times while married.  The Watkins marrying a month later in October 1942 say it's been great but things do change.

"It gets better, it gets more comfortable when you first get married you get scared to death all the time," said John Watkins, who also warned,"You'll find out."

As for this Valentines Day, 67 later both couples plan on celebrating it right.

"I think we're going out to dinner tonight," said Margaret Watkins.

"We're going to a Valentine's Day party this afternoon," adds Mrs. Carlisle.  If you're debating on what to get your lady friend take it from two men who've seen their share of Valentine's Days, it's not about flowers and candy.

"Flowers don't have anything to do with it really, it's what's in here," said Carlisle.

"Love her more everyday, that's pretty good if you can say that," said Watkins.

Making a 67th Valentine, just as good as their first.