Prosecution Presents Case Against East Texan Accused of Defrauding Thousands

Federal prosecutors scrutinized bank records Wednesday of an East Texan accused of defrauding thousands of Americans in a pyramid scheme.

Al Petty Jr.'s defense maintains he did nothing wrong. But prosecutors painted a different picture when Southside Bank Sr. V.P., Brian McCabe, testified.  He said Petty told him, "I need to try and protect my money from the government, you know how they are."

Soon Southside, became concerned about possible tax evasion when a 300 thousand dollar plus donation was made to Christian disciples international or CDI from Petty's business accounts.

Then $300,000 went from CDI to Petty's Face to Face ministries followed by a $140,000 loan that ended up back in Petty's Telecom 2000 account.