After more than 20 years, Cardinals revive winning tradition

The number three has been pretty good to the Sabine Cardinals.

Third ranked in the state, the Cardinals have 31 wins, and last Friday night head coach Tim Davis picked up his 300th career victory.

Like the glory days of the 1980's, it has been a banner year for the Sabine Cardinals.

"We just want to bring (winning) back to this town and give some publicity to this town," Cardinal guard Hunter Powdrill said.

After a two decade drought, the 2008-2009 Cardinals revived Sabine's winning tradition. The Cardinals won back to back titles in 1980 and 1981.

"We've heard about it ever since we were in middle school," post Tyler Woodrell said of the championship teams. "We've always heard about it. We just hope we can get one for us too."

"When you drive down the road and you see the state championship banners like and we see them in (the gym), we feel like we want to bring that back," Powdrill said.

"We constantly mention it," Coach Tim Davis said. "We put posters up, we put cards in their lockers talking about the teams that have done it before. Most of their dads were on that team."

Those reminders have worked. The Cardinals have virtually clinched the district title, with a 12-0 record. This breakout season helped coach Tim Davis to 300 career wins.

"I couldn't imagine a better team and a better group of kids to share that with," Davis said. "The goals we set, we reach each one of them, we mark it off, and move on to the next one."

Those goals include a trip to Austin. The Cardinals hope to mark a state title off of this year's list of accomplishments.