La Tee Da is back in action, just in time for Valentine's Day

The massive fire in downtown Tyler, happened right next door, and shut them down for nearly 10 days.

Fortunately, the folks at La Tee Da Flowers said, now, they are up and running, gearing up for Valentine's Day which to florists is the equivalent of the Superbowl. The folks at La Tee Da want to make sure all the guys out there know how to score a touchdown with the ladies in their lives.

"Everything is beautiful in the store now, which is another treat just to the see the store because it is another downtown Tyler historic building that did not get burned, and we're having some smoking hot deals here," said the manager, Thomas Tidwell.

Because their street, Spring Avenue, is still blocked off, the folks at La Tee Da say they will offer curbside service for customers who call ahead. They're also discounting deliveries for customers who call ahead.