"Cheap Eats": Finding meals under $5 in Tyler

By Morgan Chesky - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - In this "Cheap Eats" we focused on finding places you can eat a good hot meal and get a "non-water" drink for less than five dollars. What he found could change where you spend your lunch break, and how much change you get.

The mission: find a tasty lunch in Tyler.

The catch: spend five dollars or less - including tax.

Our first stop was Bruno's Pizza. There were plenty of cars outside which we took to be good sign. Inside, we found our deal.

"Its salami, turkey, lettuce tomato and a medium drink."

All for just $4.87, a good deal, but we can do better.

Next up, Tortilleria y Taqueria Palacios at Palace and Ferguson. Inside, a menu almost as long as their name gave plenty of choices under five dollars. Our pick? The super quesadilla and a Coke.

The "damage" was $4.64.

On the northside of Tyler we investigated Veteran's Bar-B-Que where Manager Gery Evans creates bar-b-que masterpieces that won't cost you.

"Its economical," he said. "[We] apreciate their business."

Two chopped beef sandwiches, chips and a drink and the verdict is...$4.50, including tax.

Of course, we couldn't forget about Weinerland.

A chili dog, medium coke and bag of Fritos only puts you back $4.24...money well spent.

How was Sam's Club? That's right, our "Cheap Eats" winner sells more than bulk products. Inside, I almost went for the giant slice of pizza and a drink for $2.68 before I spoted the glorious steal. It was a plump juicy hot dog alongside an ice cold coke. The change from a five? $3.16. A hot dog and a coke cost you $1.84. Management told us that you don't have to have a membership to enjoy lunch there.

Five lunches later, it's a good thing change is left over leaving plenty for later.

Here are some other "Cheap Eats" In Tyler:
Taquiera Lugar: 2 tacos & soft drink - $4.80
Don Juans: Torta & soft drink - $4.87
Sam's Club: slice of pizza & soft drink - $2.68
Dino's Pizza: 2 slices of pizza & 20 oz. Coke - $5.00
                     1 slice of pizza, side salad & 20 oz. Coke - $5.00

If you know of a place that serves a nice hot lunch, for under five dollars - with tax - email us at "Cheap Eats" at cheapeats@kltv.com.