A Better East Texas: Big Switch Deadline Switched

As you are probably aware Congress voted to move the deadline for the digital transition - The Big Switch - back to June 12th.  Again, this moved the deadline back from February 17th to June 12th.  This decision allows TV stations across the nation to decide when, between February 17 and June 12, they will turning off their analog signal.  One station in East Texas has decided to turn off their analog transmitter on the original date of February 17th.  Due to FCC rules, however, KLTV will be waiting until the June 12th deadline.  This situation actually helps the viewers in East Texas.  KLTV will continue to broadcast an analog and digital signal for another 4 months, getting us through much of the severe weather season so that there will be no TV left behind.  Plus, there are also several thousand homes in east Texas that are on the waiting list for the converter box coupon program which now has new funding.  So those homes should expect their coupons soon.  If for some reason you need a coupon and have not ordered one, then do not wait any longer.  We will get through the Big Switch, eventually, and the digital era of television will make this a better east Texas.