National Weather Service evaluates tornado

SMITH/WOOD COUNTY - The National Weather Service (NWS) has surveyed the damage caused by a tornado that started in Smith County, northwest of Lindale and moved into Wood County just east of Mineola on Tuesday night.

Their findings confirmed the tornado was an EF1 with maximum winds of 85 to 90 mph.

The tornado first touched down near the intersection of C.R. 482 and C.R. 483 in Smith County where a barn was destroyed, damaging a nearby fence. Numerous cedar trees were also snapped along the road.

The tornado then crossed Old Dallas Shreveport Road and Old Mineola Hwy damaging a couple metal outbuildings and snapping trees. It continued its path of destruction crossing Hwy 69, uprooting and snapping trees on both sides of the highway as well as damaging a metal building.

Moving on into Wood County, the tornado crossed C.R. 2600 damaging numerous trees and a small shed. Several homes on the north side of Hwy 80, east of Mineola, sustained roof damage where sections of roof were peeled exposing the homes. Numerous trees were snapped and uprooted as well.

The tornado crossed FM 1801 damaging several trees with minor damage to a few homes before weakening.

NWS estimates that the tornado touched down at 11:16 pm and was on the ground for 9 minutes. The path was generally 100 to 200 yards wide, and 300 yards wide at its widest point. They estimate the path to have been 6.8 miles long.

The NWS would like to thank the media officials in both Tyler and in Wood county as well as local residents for their assistance and stories during the survey.