The Republican Candidates Come To Town. But Who Goes To See Them??

"Let's get ready to rumble." That's the words Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams used to kick off Tyler Republican rally.

Like all rally's, there were political placards, cheering crowds, and promising politicians asking for one thing, your vote on Nov. 5th.

But have you ever wondered who attends political rally? At today's we found Chris. Chris is 22 and he came early to the rally just to help set up. He's like most 22 year olds, he loves football, music by Garth Brooks and all of the Die Hard movies. And oh yeah, he also loves politics.

"I know it sounds cliche, but I wanted to to make a difference," says Chris when I asked him why he got interested in politics.

Chris has been volunteering his time for the past few months. doing everything from pounding the pavement to make sure East Texans vote, to putting out political signs.

"It look small and it looks insignificant but if we weren't hammering signs and getting the word out, knocking on doors, handing out fliers; then a lot of people they wouldn't know about the candidates, And that makes a difference."

For Chris, today's rally is bigger than the super bowl.

"So are you excited about today?"

"Oh yeah. I don't think I have slept more than 2 hours a night because I am so excited," he says.

While most twenty-somethings don't make the time to focus on politics, Chris does. He wants to change the perception of politics.

"Politics has a real social stigma as being dirty and corrupt. I want to change that. Before it is all over, I want politics to be a noble service."

But for Chris and the others who got the chance to shake hands, take a picture or even get a hug from a politician, it already is a noble profession.