For the Record...Local Athletes Weigh in on A-Rod

By: Coleman Swierc - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) A-Rod admitted, he was juiced.

"I did use a banned substance, and for that I am sorry," said Rodriguez in an interview with ESPN.

The conversation now moves from what he did in baseball, to is what he did...tarnished?

"If other people cannot look at you and say, 'I believe who that guy was, then it is tainted," said TJC Head Coach John Groth.

"He is going to break records and he is going to be up for the Hall of Fame, but it is going to be that he used steroids though some part of it," said UT-Tyler senior softball player Roo Richardson.

If Rodriguez continues on his current pace, he is likely to break several MLB records, but at that point, records may not mean as much.

Recent baseball purists, have stated that all-records from the "steroid era" shout be accompanied by an asterisk in records.

"I do, personally I do, think that there should be an asterisk by it, if a record at all," said UT-Tyler senior Jared Hood.

"I think that as we get older, there will be things like that," said Richardson, "that people are going to push for it, that if you are proven, that you used steroids, that there will be something that says that."

Right now, there is no official punishment for A-Rod, only that from the court of public opinion.

"When they go to extremes like that, it is just disappointing, that they do not take the natural route, the working out harder, and the long work outs," said UT-Tyler senior Kate Bell, "the things we do on a daily basis, and when the greats to that at cut corners, it is disappointing."

Groth summed it up, and put into perspective what many think of the situation, "I am disappointed, but not surprised."