Tornado hits north of Lindale

By Morgan Chesky - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Two miles north of Lindale the tornado's path winds run along Highway 69 for nearly a quarter mile.

One father and son thought they had made it through the night but had a rude awakening in the morning. Tuesday night, Jack Richardson was listening to the rain in his home, but around 11:20pm he heard something else.

"I heard this big noise sounded just like a freight train and you couldn't hear anything it was so loud," said Jack Richardson. "[It] didn't last maybe three or four minutes and then it was gone."

His son Todd Richardson lives close-by.

"I slept through it ya know it didn't wake me up," said Todd.

But when they woke up this morning, three minutes of noise left damage that will last for days.

"I thought I was in a war zone," said Todd. "I mean, trees snapped off! Looked like a bomb went off or something. It was really really bad."

"Some of those trees are three feet thick. Ya know, they look like matchsticks," described Jack.

Inspecting the sixty acre property he and his father cleared and have lived on for over fifteen years was tough for Todd, but in spite of the damage, he remains positive.

"I'm feeling good. I'm feeling real good. I'm feeling happy and again thankful that nothing really happened except property damage and that's all fixable," said Todd.

While no one was hurt or injured in the area hit by tornado, Todd estimates the damages on his property at close to ten thousand dollars.