Sunrise Shores hit hard by storm

By Layron Livingston - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Lake Palestine (KLTV) - While Tuesday's storms did not stick around very long, but they still left a nasty trail of damage.

The scene overnight was filled with downed trees and power lines in many areas. Henderson County crews were out for hours clearing roads and restoring power. Oncor was reporting, 5-thousand customers in East Texas were still without power.

Officials said the Sunrise Shores addition on Lake Palestine just south of Chandler was one of the hardest hit areas. The damage they sustained was not caused by a tornado, rather, it was the work of very powerful straight line winds.

As residents breathed sighs of relief, the clean-up began.

"I have a new roommate, one I didn't want," said Rollie Olive. "I had a rough night last night, I tell ya."

Olive thought he'd call it a night. He and his dog Twinkie were lying in bed shortly after 11 last night when he heard a noise.

"I thought my air conditioner kicked on," he explained. "It wasn't my air conditioner."

Try two massive pine trees crashing through his roof one splitting his home in half.

"If I'd been setting at my dining room table, it would have killed me."

The other tree brought his bedroom ceiling down on top of him.

"[I] had to crawl under a tree. It's like this big around," he motioned with his hands. "We made it by the grace of God. "It's going to take some major cleanup ."

Trees had to be cleared from homes, roads a power lines. Dozens of homes were left in the dark.

Barbara Parker was outside when the storm hit.

"[It was] nice and calm and then, BOOM," she exclaimed. "We're left with a big mess out here to clean up. We have this tree uprooted," she motioned towards the tree. "Those bushes [were] torn down."

Mary McGough lives next door. Her dock house ripped apart.

"The neighbor's tree on this side is down in our yard. Our rubbage is over in our other neighbor's yard."

It is a community clean-up effort.

"We've got a lot to be thankful for."

It is helping keep good spirits.

"I got a good used ceiling fan for sale," laughed

Henderson county officials say, thankfully, no injuries were reported. They say it may take a couple of days to clear the nearly 20 power lines and several trees and logs from the roads.