Tyler submits project proposals

TYLER, TX - Now that Congress has reached an agreement on the stimulus bill, the City of Tyler is hoping to recieve funding for some projects that would benefit East Texas. As a basic criterion, the agencies that are requesting the submissions have asked for projects that are completely designed and ready to be implimented.

"Should stimulus funding become available at the local level, we want to ensure that Tyler is poised and ready to take full advantage," said Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass. "We have several projects that could potentially meet stimulus requirements and have submitted them to the appropriate agencies."

Projects have been submitted by the Texas Water Development Board: one to rehabilitate the Golden Road Water Treatment Plant and another to extend North Tyler's water and sewer lines.

The Federal Aviation Administration also submitted projects for Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, including a runway repair and overlay, a new taxiway and a new aviation facility.

The Tyler Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, a regional transportation planning agency hosted by the City, also submitted a list of "ready to go" projects to the Texas Department of Transportation.  These projects all appear to meet the initial criteria of proposed stimulus funding.  Examples of projects include:

  • Segment 3A of Loop 49 - $56.8 million
  • Lake Placid Road - $7.5 million
  • Graemont Boulevard - $313,000
  • Low Floor Bus - $340,554
  • Bus Shelters - $100,000

"It is not clear what funding will be available at the local level," said Mark McDaniel, Tyler City manager.  "However, if funding becomes available, we want to ensure that we are in a position to receive capital project funding that will benefit the Tyler economy."