Broken China Pottery

You can make a broken china pottery craft very easily as long as you have the right tools. First you need some colorful china, a hammer, tile snips, safety goggles, bubble wrap, craft glue, grout and paper towels.

Once you find the china you wish to use for your craft you need to break it. Place the plate upside down in bubble wrap. Put on your safety goggles, then hammer the china. It should break in pieces. If you want to break even pieces of china uses tile snips.

Once you have your china broken, start gluing pieces on your craft. You can do broken china on tables, cake stands, picture frames, even bird feeders. You only need to use a small dab of glue on each piece.

Once the china is glued on, place water-based grout over the entire item. Cover it completely. Then wipe the grout off with several paper towels. The entire piece will get completely cleaned off, and then you will have a beautiful broken china pottery piece.

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