Arrests May Solve Crime Spree

Police hope the arrest of three men will help solve a rash of safe burglaries around East Texas.

The suspects are charged with stealing a safe at a Tyler convenient store.

But investigators are trying to determine if the trio are also responsible for more than two dozen similar burglaries in Tyler, Big Sandy, Longview & Harrison County.

One Longview convenient store clerk says she hopes yesterday's arrests ended the crime spree. "I've been clerks in a lot of convenient stores for, I'm 50-years old, for thirty years. And I have never felt this unsafe in all of thirty years," says Nora Palomino.

Palomino, or Miss 'P' as her customers call her, has worked at the New Way on Green Street for four years.

In August the store was robbed by a couple on a crime spree who had already allegedly killed two clerks at other stores.

Just one month later another burglary.

"When I drove up I saw that the chain was gone off the door. I walked down the street to call 911 because all the phone lines were cut," recalls Miss P.

That, police say, is one of the similar scenes other east Texas stores have found.

Phone lines cut, turning off the alarm.

Inside they discover safes missing.

On Monday a possible break.

18-year old Kethan Palmer, 20-year old Ezelle Brown and 19-year old Rodgret Turner were arrested charged with stealing a safe from the D&N grocery in Tyler.

"They caught 'em. Thank God," says Miss P.

Three other safe burglaries occurred earlier that morning in Marshall, Waskom and Longview.

Investigators want to know if the three suspects committed those burglaries and the more than two dozen other safe burglaries around East Texas.

As for Miss P. she says she now relys on her customers to help keep an eye out for her safety.

The three suspects are all from the Metroplex.

So far they are only charged with Monday's burglary in Tyler.

Investigators say it's possible the suspects are part of a larger organized group.