Tyler Airport Security Now A Federal Matter

Another step today was taken to ensure east texans are safe in the air. At Tyler Pounds Regional Airport, the Transportation Security Administration is now on the job. The federal agency officially took charge of airport security in Tyler today, as it is doing at airports all over the country.

The agency will employ thirteen trained passenger screeners, more than double the previous number. Each screener was selected and trained by the TSA. One long-time screener says the new training helped her to understand the significance of her duties.

Baggage Screener Irma Rhymes explains, "You realize that what you're doing, it impacts more lives than you really can imagine, because it's an important thing. The security of the nation depends on what you do at the checkpoint."

Several of the passenger screeners are still being trained in Shreveport. The TSA was created less than a year ago by Congress to maintain airline security. Before the end of the year, the baggage screeners will also all be federal employees.