Thieves target TISD school

By Morgan Chesky - email

Close to ten thousand dollars worth of equipment was stolen from a Tyler school. It was all caught on tape.

Police are asking for your help in identifying the burglars, with the video footage of an early morning break in at Boulter Middle School on January tenth. To view the footage, click on the video to the right.

The surveillance footage captures the three suspects wearing bandanas as they enter the back of the school through a window. Thought to be in their late teens to early twenties, the burglars targeted laptops and projectors in classrooms.

"The patrol was actually increased instead of checking one or two times a night we were checking it up to five or six times a night," said TISD Police Chief, Rex Brown. "However, when you do have access that you can't visualize from the road unless you just catch it at the right time then you're not going to be able to catch them."

So far, none of the stolen laptops and projectors have been recovered. If you have any information on the break-ins or the identities of the burglars, you should call TISD campus police.