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10/21/02 - Tyler

Exhibit Brings Mammoths To Tyler

This month, one place in Tyler is saying "Yabba dabba doo."

Woolley, a replica of a baby mammoth, is part of Discovery Science Place's new exhibit on dinosaurs and fossils. It's an eighty-five thousand dollar exhibit provided by Clear Channel to the science museum.

Kids and adults can see bones, horns, and other interactive displays on mammoths, mastodons, and other animals that roamed the earth over twenty thousand years ago. Reaction to the mammoth exhibit has been great so far.

Marketing Director Gina Bruton admits, "The little kids are a little timid at first because Woolley does make noise and it's kind of intimidating, but they get in there and it's fascinating. You get to see dinosaur bones, you get to see what it was like to go inside the ice cave when they discovered it."

"The reaction's just been wonderful."

Woolley and the rest of the fossil exhibit will be at the Discovery Science Place through January twelfth.

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