Repairing vs. replacing; East Texans saving money

By Lakecia Shockley - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

As President Obama and law makers fight to do what they can to fix the economy, some East Texans are fighting to make what they have last longer.

We give you a closer look at some items they are repairing versus replacing, and it is keeping money in their pockets.

"I'm going to save his sole. He could have wore it maybe another five minutes but I can fix it," said Wes Reed, owner of The Shoe Shop. "It will look like brand new when I'm done with it I guarantee you."

Reed is a "sole" fixing man. Shoe soles that is.

For Reed, the bad economy is bringing in the money for his shoe shop.

"People don't want to throw away a 300 or 400 dollar pair of boots when they can get it fixed for 50 bucks," explained Reed.

Shoes are not all Reed repairs. From motorcycle seat covers to leather jackets, he does it all.

"You can see we're overflowing here, we have sewing machines on the floor," said Richard Dorsey, owner of Sharman's Sewing Center.

Dorsey has been booming with old vacuum cleaners and antique sewing machines.

"They put their sewing machines in their closet and then when the economy gets like it is they have to sew stuff so they pull it out and it's not sewing like it should," said Dorsey.

So, how much does it cost to repair a Eureka vacuum cleaner versus replacing it?

"It probably costs 139 or 149 dollars, and if it doesn't need parts it probably cost 40 dollars to get it serviced plus the price of the belt," estimated Dorsey.

Over at CPU, Central Processing Unit, they have computers lined up out the wa-zoo ready to be repaired.

"We have about 50 computers a week that need repaires," said Donnie Byrd, a salesman at CPU Wholesale Computer Stores. "A lot of people just upgrade their memory or upgrade their hard drive space to get them and extra year or so before they have to buy a new computer."

From bottom to top, CPU has repaired more than a dozen laptops alone. On estimate it costs about 150 dollars to repair your computer versus spending hundreds of bucks for a new one.

We also talked to several auto repair shops around East Texas and they tell us they too have seen an increase of vehicle owners repairing every thing from old motorcycles to used cars.