Gift of Love: Crystal

By Gillian Sheridan - bio - email

There is a new boutique in East Texas, free to teenager foster girls. We told you about the opening of "Keeps Boutique" in Garden Valley, a high-end fashion store opened by a Lindale teenager, whose desire is to give back to other teenagers, specifically those in foster care.

In this "Gift of Love" report, we introduce you to Crystal, the boutique's first customer.

Walking up to the front door of the "Keeps Boutique" in Garden Valley, Texas, Crystal was filled with anticipation of what would await her inside.

She was greeted by the owner, Emily Allegretto and racks and racks of designer clothing, all free for her choosing; a new outfit, helping to boost her self-esteem.

"Because it's your appearance, said Crystal. "If you go outside presentable people are going to think high of you."

"[I have] been in foster care about two years," said Crystal. "[It is] not an easy transition for a teenager. I want to get out of foster care and go into a more stable environment and get away from all the confusion and house switching. It's been hard being away from my friends but my family not so much."

This 16-year-old is looking forward to having a new family and starting over.

Crystal enjoys living in the country and would one day like to have a horse.

"I like to listen to music," she continued. "I like to go outside with animals. I like playing my video game obviously, I love my video games."

She is artistic, enjoys drawing and painting and is friendly.

"I'm a good kid. I keep up my grades. I'm good around other people."

And this sophomore has her sights set on college.

"I'm hoping to be a video game designer and get in computers and graphics," she explained. "That's always interested me since...forever!"

But for today, it was all about shopping and making Crystal feel special.

"This is me for her and I hope she had fun and I'm excited about more girls coming," said Allegretto, Owner Keeps Boutique.

"I'd like to thank her for letting me come here," said a greatful Crystal.

She leaves with a bag full of new clothes, but more importantly she's now filled with hope knowing that someone is praying for her and a forever family to call her own.

If you'd like more information on Crystal, call our "Gift of Love" hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.