An East Texas Man Has a Big Claim to Fame

It's sung in churches across the nation, but it's roots are in East Texas. It is the song, "The Last Lonely Mile" written by the Associate Pastor at the Crockett Church of Christ in Palestine, Owen Perry.

"Music is just a very important part of my life, it really is," says Perry. "I would be very miserable and unhappy without it."

Owen started playing music early on in life at about 10 or 12.

"I was raised in North Louisiana on a farm, and I just picked up a chord here and a chord there. Would you believe my first stringed instrument was a homemade guitar from a cigar box."

Soon this guitar player joined the professional ranks in the Louisiana nightclub circuit. 1

"I wrote for the Willam Brothers who used to have a nationally syndicated TV program. And I recorded some for the Capitol Label out of Hollywood with back up musicians like Chet Adkins and Hank William Seniors favorite steel guitar player.

Eventually, Owen's night club days came to an end. He became a Christian and started writing music like "The Last Lonely Mile."

" I wrote this song for example to exalt and lift up the Lord and I would have done it if I hadn't made a penny.

But Owen's song has sold three million copies so far. And his only hope is "The Last Lonely Mile" will do one thing.

"I hope it will bring them (people) closer to the Lord."

Because for Owen, the blessing comes not from the fame but through the good works for the Lord.