Proud Of East Texas: Jontrell Boone

By Joan Hallmark - bio - email

Posted by Dana Hughey bio - email

Jontrell Boone, a Senior at All Saints Episcopal School, has two passions in his life and he's as good at one as the other. He's the highest scorer on the All Saints Trojan Basketball team and he's a gifted musician as well. He's dreamed of both a career in the NBA and also dreamed of becoming a music producer.

This past summer, "Trell" auditioned in California for a music scholarship to the Berkley School of music. Thousands applied and 160 were given auditions. Out of those 160, 8 scholarships were given and one of those went to Trell. Trell hasn't quite given up his dream of becoming an NBA star but when he graduates this spring, he'll leave for Boston where he'll be studying at the Boston Branch of the Berkley School of Music.