Landowners angry At community landowners association

By Bob Hallmark - bio - email

Posted by Dana Hughey bio - email

Glenwood Acres, TX(KLTV) - Some East Texas landowners are furious over a long standing feud with their landowners association and they are speaking out.

Around 30 landowners in Glenwood Acres met Sunday to express their displeasure in their current landowners association board. The landowners accuse their association of misappropriation of funds, abuse of power, harassment of landowners and refusing to hear their concerns. Some want new leadership on the board, while others what to do away with the association all together.

"My point is at some point we have to close this down and I feel like that's where we're at. I feel we should close the doors on it," says Glenwood landowner, David Liedtke.

"The board is tearing the community apart more than its doing good, misappropriation of funds," says fellow landowner Mary Harris.

The landowners will attempt to make changes in the board in a scheduled meeting on February 14th.