New Home Building Boom

They're building and they're coming.

East Texans are building new homes at the highest level since the mid 1980's.

Lisa Callens is building her second home.

It's larger than her first complete with four bedrooms, a prayer room, and a play room for the kids.

"Mainly we just stepped out on faith and decided this is something we wanted for our family and for our girls and we just went ahead and took the plunge," says Lisa.

Husband Jeff, also a builder, says they're not alone.

He says many east Texas familys are building their dream homes.

"People held on to their money for a while with the Iraq threat but overall the interest rate is low enough to let that make your decision," says Jeff.

Right now we're experiencing the lowest mortgage rates in more than thirty years.

That's enough to prompt more east Texans since 1984 to begin building a new house.

But even those who choose to stay put are cashing in.

"Refinances are booming right now the title company and the appraisers are bogged down cause so many people are trying to refinance their house," says Seth Reeves with America's Mortgage Center.

Real estate agent Trudy Godsey agrees, "I think our economy here has stayed stable. We don't have a great growth pattern in new industry but it just seems the time to do this if you're going to make a change."

"Get a little bit more room a little bit more house for a little less money than you usually could right now," says Jeff Callens.

For couples like Jeff and Lisa low mortgage rates mean more house with less worry about their family's future.

Right now mortgage rates on average nationally are about six percent.