Lady Raiders inspired to continue Winnsboro’s legacy

The Winnsboro Lady Raiders are back at work.

The state's number one team prepares for the long haul every day, working out in the shadows of history.

"It's more exciting," guard Macy Morton said. "I think that, just to know that we live in a place that has had this happen so many times and to know that we can do it to. It's there."

"I think it's one of the greatest opportunities that a high school student can have is to be able to play for such a successful team and be able to go places with it," center Opal Taskila said.

Reminders of state championships and deep playoff runs are everywhere you look in the Lady Raiders gym and that is inspiration for this year's team. Playofff and state tournament banners look more like wallpaper across any available space.

"It's amazing to see stuff like that and after doing it for three years to know how hard (the past teams) worked," Macy said.

"It's just a really high expectation we have," forward Angela Watkins said.  "We're expected to go to state and we're expected to win. That's our goal and it's an honor."

To say basketball is a tradition in Winnsboro, is an understatement. The trophies of the past help drive the team of the present.

"You want to make a memory," Angela said. "You want to hold a record. You want your picture out there for your kids to see hopefully, maybe if you come back. "

"It really is nice to have all of (the banners) back there and it's exciting when people know that you are capable of that," Macy said.

The goal for the Lady Raiders is simple and unchanging: Keep winning, go to Austin, become part of history.

"Whether it's practice or a game, going from start to finish," Opal said, "it's knowing that where we want to finish is on the bus ride coming home from Austin, happy."