Investigators able to enter downtown buildings

By Morgan Chesky - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

There's a new addition to the downtown Tyler skyline.

Tyler fire crews and ATF investigators have now raised the 90-ton crane in front of the burned out buildings, brought in to help tackle things from the sky.

Last night, crews broke through the back wall of the north Spring Street buildings, eventually cooling the hotspots. Investigators told us they were able to get inside and begin pumping thousands of gallons of water from the basement of the buildings.

Fire officials say it's a tedious job but good teamwork is making progress.

"I tell ya, the national response team has been a huge help for us," said Tyler Deputy Fire Marshall, Paul Finley.

With the hot spots cooled, authorities were finally able to get inside the buildings. ATF officials said that the fire damage sits right around one million dollars. Investigations continue on a day to day basis.

To learn more on just how officials break down the cause of a fire click on the video to the right of this story.