One year ago today...

By Grant Dade - bio - email

One year ago today we were watching a serious severe weather episode unfold that would later be known as the "Super Tuesday Outbreak". By early Tuesday Afternoon the Storm Prediction Center placed most of the Mid South Region under a "High Risk" of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes with a moderate risk of severe storms as far west as East Texas. By the end of the day 131 reports of tornadoes and 126 reports of large hail pelted the country.

The atmosphere was increasingly becoming unstable throughout the early afternoon in East Texas as plenty of sunshine helped boost temperatures into the low 80s, almost unheard of for early February. By 4:00PM in the afternoon, a line of scattered supercells exploded along a fast moving cold front through East Texas. Three of these storms would end up producing a significant amount of damage across East Texas through the late afternoon. Click Here For More: