Gift of Love: 5 Active Siblings

By Gillian Sheridan

An afternoon together at a Tyler McDonald's is something this sibling group of five looks forward to. They are split up right now in two different foster homes, removed from their parents because of neglectful supervision. "They visit once a week and they love that time together," says Kathy Steinocher with the Children's Village.

Their visits involve a lot of playing, talking and laughing. It's a special time they wouldn't miss for anything.

The oldest of the siblings is Nikiyia. She's 7 and excelling in the second grade. "She is very sweet. She loves her little sisters and she's always taking care of them. I guess you'd kind of say she's like the mother of the group," says Aubrie Kerr with the Bair Foundation.

Next is 6 year old Alexeius. She's in the first grade. Aubrie says, "She's very much a mediator. She is so giving and is the first person to give up her seat when there is an argument or something of that nature. She's a very sweet, tender hearted little girl."

Then, there's Keyanna. She's 5 and in kindergarten. "Keyanna is very smart. I believe she got a new baby doll for having such good behavior in school," says Aubrie.

Next in line is 4 year old Ladaysha. She's in pre-k. "She likes a lot of attention, needs a lot of compassion. She really just needs unconditional love," says Kathy.

And last but certainly not least, is this adorable little guy one and a half year old La'Roman. Kathy says, "He's a very happy little boy, very content, very lovable and very easy to please."

It was happy meals for everyone today, appropriate for a group of happy, bonded children despite a rough past. "They've had so much trauma in their life and this is their one connection to who they are. I think it would be important to keep them all together just so they keep that identity and because they love each other," explains Aubrie.

They need a structured, patient, and nurturing forever family."Somebody who's really going to stick with them, in hard times and in good times that will share their joys and comfort them in their sorrows," says Kathy.

Five children may mean five times the work, but it can also mean five times the love. Kathy says, "I just think they are precious, precious kids. They really are."

If you'd like more information on this sibling group of five call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free,  1-888-kids-275.