Tyler ISD Foundation Awards Grants

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX - The Magical Mystery Mardi Gras SurPrize Patrol has made its rounds awarding grants for Spring 2009 to Tyler ISD teachers and campuses. The Tyler ISD Foundation loaded up a group of community members and volunteers from the Tyler Junior League into a yellow school bus on Wednesday to announce to teachers on their campuses that they had been awarded funding for their projects.

"I look forward every year to the grants bus tour," said Chris Jones, Grants Committee Chairman. "There is no greater experience than to see the faces of the teachers and students light up when they learn their project will be funded."

Forty-two proposals were submitted to the Tyler ISD Foundation's Grants Committee in January and of those, 13 will receive funding.

"Teachers and campuses are continuing to submit extraordinary grants to the Foundation. In fact, it's becoming a challenge for the committee to choose between them. However, they like to award funding to the proposals that will make the most impact on the most students," said Tracy Phelps, Director of Development for the Tyler ISD Foundation.

Over $100,000 in teacher grants have been awarded by the Tyler ISD Foundation in the past two years with the help of donors like the Junior League of Tyler, Bank of America and anonymous donors.

"This year, our grants committee was impressed with the innovation of the ideas-two of the projects we decided to expand funding so that the entire district or the entire campus would benefit," said Larry Goddard, Executive Director of the Foundation, "We've never done that before.  The grant proposals accepted ranged from kindergarten classroom 'lofts' to student leadership programs.  We are most excited about emerging technology grants, occupational training grants, and others that are forward thinking educational trends."

The next call for grant proposals will be in May, 2009.

Spring 2009 Grant Award Winners:

DeAnna Molloy of Hubbard Middle School was awarded $1,000 for her project, "A Lot of Hot Air." This hand's on activity will involve students in thinking about alternative energy concepts by building their own windmill that will produce enough energy to power a light bulb.

Cathy Sullivan and Christy Roach of Douglas Elementary School were awarded $637.78 for their project, "Be a Member of the NBA (Never Been Absent) Club. " This project honors students with perfect attendance.

Paula Rozell of Douglas Elementary School was awarded $766 for her project, "Wiggly Jiggly Robots." Students will learn about electricity and currents by building their own robots.

Susan Cothern of Robert E. Lee High School was awarded $1000 for her project, "Teaming to Teach." Students exploring the field of teaching will get field experience by working in elementary classrooms once each week.

Robin Ewing of Rice Elementary School was awarded $995 for her project, "Shooting Green: From Hi-Tech to Holga." Fourth grade students will participate in an environmental study through research and photography. The students' photography will be on exhibit at the Tyler Public Library in May.

Jana McWain and Rodney Miller of Dixie Elementary School were awarded $650 for their project, "A Wonderful World of Learning." This project will create outdoor learning centers for the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities. The learning centers will reinforce and extend skills and concepts learned in the classroom.

Elaine Hood, Reyes Gomez, Houston Morrow, George Brigham, Melisa LeBlanc, Kate Lowe, Robert Hayes and Grady Davis of Camp Tyler were awarded $950 for their project, "Onion Economics." This project will engage students from Woods, Clarkston, Griffin and Jack Elementary Schools in understanding the parts of a plant, what a plant needs to grow and how a plant makes it from the field to the store.

Keri Hampton, Cathy France, Jane Bidlack and Lisa Brown of Bell Elementary School were awarded $1,150 for their project, "A Little Dab'll Do Ya." This literacy development project will target fourth and fifth grade students by providing them with the use of digital audio books called playaways. Playaways will aid students in modeling good interpretive reading, critical listening skills, vocabulary and comprehension. The Tyler ISD Foundation will also fund the purchase of five digital audio books for each elementary school in Tyler ISD in honor of Bell Elementary School.

Chris Rasure and Claude Lane of Moore MST Middle School were awarded $1,500 for their project, "Spectrum Intramural Soccer." This recreational soccer club will build relationships through a positive student-school environment for all learners. Core academic teachers have volunteered to coach and promote community among students and staff.

Pilar Moreno-Recio of Griffin Elementary was awarded $750 for her project, "We Love Superheroes." This project will provide English Language Learners the opportunity to study comic book heroes and Tyler's community heroes. The students will practice reading and artistic skills to create their own comics about Tyler's community heroes.

Suzanne White of Woods Elementary was awarded $1000 for her grant, "A Lofty Goal." This grant will allow Ms. White to build a reading loft in her classroom. This loft will build enthusiastic readers and create four new separate learning centers for her classroom. The Tyler ISD Foundation will provide funding for all kindergarten classrooms at Andy Woods to build a reading loft.

Erica Miller, Connie Moore, Denese Johnson, Jackie Cannon, Melissa Day and Cindy Alexander of Woods Elementary School were awarded $1,631 for their project, "Rocking and Rolling: A Study of the Earth's Processes." This project will bolster student interaction and understanding of weathering, erosion, deposition and the water cycle.

Jeff Collum, Dexter Floyd, Anissa Kiener and JoAnn Parsley received $2,500 for their project, "Leadership Advisory Program." This project will form leadership teams on three middle school campuses: Boulter, Hogg and Hubbard. The students will form teams and encourage each other in building their character and maintaining academic success.

Two other submitted grants were applauded by the Tyler ISD Foundation. These grants will receive funding by the Career and Technical Education Department of Tyler ISD.

Amy Langley of John Tyler High School will receive funding for her project, "Anatomy in Clay." This project will use a 29 inch human skeleton model and clay to learn the bones, muscles and body systems. Through teamwork, students will be encouraged to expand their knowledge of anatomy beyond pencil and paper, and apply hands-on learning in a safe, fun environment.

Juanita Maxwell of John Tyler High School will receive funding for her project, "Rx Success." This project will provide students in Health Science Technology with study guides and exam fees for their Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam.