East Texas Recession Survival Guide: Battling depression from job-loss

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

In debt, behind on his mortgage and recently fired from his hospital job, Ervin Lupoe made headlines last month after police say he shot his five children and wife to death before turning the gun on himself. He and his wife were two of more than 180 thousand plus people lost their jobs in the last month.

"The day I came home to tell my wife I was laid off was the hardest day of my life," said Roger Olson.

"I couldn't speak. I just started crying," said Lee Sakellarides.

Psychologists say knowing your options is key when coping with a lost job or lost money.

"This is a time to look for solutions and to identify and self defeating thoughts that could lead to self fulfiling prophecies that could lead to failure down the road," said Dr. Alden Cass, a clinical psychologist.

He suggests that you find a networking group, career counselor, or job recruiter. Participate in workshops or continuing education. Find a support group for people who have lost their job or a significant amount of money. Explore if you are well suited for your chosen field.

"You need to have a primary exit and a backup exit, it's common sense," said Ben Sherwood, author of "The Survivors Club".

To help battle the feeling of helplessness or depression, many career counselors recommend channeling the energy of a lost job into a job search.

"If an individual ever gets to a point where they start to feel helpless or powerless to change a situation," said Dr. Cass, "that's when you have to ask for help. "

Experts suggest seeking treatment at your local emergency rooms or mental health facilities if you need resources or advice.

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