What Makes A Good Witness

In the Beltway sniper case, investigators have relied heavily on eyewitness testimony. Local FBI agents says a good eyewitness is observant and prepared to look at the smallest details.

Once eyewitnesses see a crime happening, they should wait until authorities arrive before sharing the details.

"Often times you see the description will vary by individual," says Peter Galbraith, senior resident agent at Tyler's FBI office. "The important thing is the individual remembers what they saw and doesn't repeat what they say to somebody else."

Here are some tips on being a good eyewitness:

1. Test your own observation skills. See how much you can remember about people in passing.

2. Always have a notepad and pen ready to take notes.

3. Don't compare notes with other witnesses.

4. Remember permanent characteristics like scars, tattoos, height and weight.