Being a Good

A sniper's rampage in the nation's capital has investigators working overtime. The driving force in their case is witness testimony. While eye witness testimony is not concrete, it does act like small pieces to a bigger puzzle.

Witness testimony, however, is better when those involved pay close attention to the smallest details.

"Often times you see a description will vary by each individual," says Peter Galbraith, a senior FBI agent in Tyler. "The important thing is the individual remembers what they saw, and doesn't repeat what they saw to somebody else."

Galbraith offers these tips on how to be a better witness--test your own observation skills. Ask yourself questions about people you see in passing. Always have a notepad and pen ready to record information. Remember permanent characteristics like scars, tattoos, height and weight. And don't share your description with other witnesses. Often times people see different things, and talking with others witnesses can cause a person to alter their own description.