East Texas School District Forced to Shut Down for Friday

The nurse's office at Carlisle schools was deserted Friday, but for the past 14 days it's been packed with sick students.

"We would send children home uh with fever and they would come back the next day with no fever and within a couple of hours they'd be running fever again and we would have to send them home," says superintendent Michael Payne.

On any given Friday 500 kids walk Carlisle halls, but lately 80-100 kids a day have been missing school. That trend worried hundreds of Carlisle parents like Teri Wimberly.

"I have a nine year old that came home from school Monday feeling really bad," says Teri Wimberly, a Carlisle parent.

"He was running a 104."

Whatever's going around at Carlisle, it didn't take long to spread. It started at the elementary school then went to the middle school and ended up at the high school.

"You just kind of wander since there have been so many with a virus you just wonder what it is and where it came from," says Wimberly.

Henderson pediatrician Dr. Pai. Doesn't want parents to panic.

"I think it's not an epidemic of something specific," says Dr. Yogesh Pai. "But its more of different things affecting children and they have been ranging from sore throats because of viruses to strep throat to sinus infections to stomach virus."

But rather than risk passing the bugs around to more kids, Carlisle closed today.

"We'll have to make this day up," says Payne.

A cheap price to pay for their kids health.