Preparations Begin For the 200-Mile Yard Sale

Saturday, a famous highway will again make history. A section of Highway 80 from Louisiana through East Texas will be hosting a 200-mile long yard sale. Merchants and private individuals spent Friday getting their wares organized for the big day.

"I got my tent up," Bill Oliver of Bill's Wild West Antiques in Mineola explained, "and I'm getting my tables and everything and I'm getting ready for tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have a big day."

Bill is one of the thousands of people who are getting ready for Saturday's yard sale on the historic highway. "Eighty goes back many many years. It used to go from coast to coast, but now there's only just a small segment of it that's left. Hopefully we can revitalize the highway, and make it like Route 66."

Bill hopes the sale will show more people East Texas. He and his wife, Dottie, moved to Mineola a year ago from Dallas. "The people just accepted us here," he says, "And we got acquainted with them and we decided that this was where we wanted to reestablish out business."

And so Bill continues setting up for the biggest yard sale ever in East Texas, in hopes of bringing in more customers. "I'm giving them 30 percent off on everything in my antique store, the people that come in here are gonna get some bargains."

So tomorrow, one of the most historic roads in East Texas will make history again.