ETBU’s George tests endurance on and off the field

When Corey George graduated from Bossier High School four years ago, he did not think he would suit up for East Texas Baptist.

Corey had signed with Grambling State University and was ready to play until a new head coach decided he did not like the incoming freshman players.

"He told us that our scholarships would be taken away until we earned them again," Corey said. "Expecting a full ride on a scholarship."

Corey was shocked and heart broken.

"At that point and time I figured if I'm going to be paying for school I need to make money," Corey said. "So I just decided to leave the school because I was very upset."

Corey worked for a year before his grandmother stepped in.

"My grandmother was very upset with me in the fact that I chose to continue just working," he said. "She got on the computer and she started looking up schools. She told me I was going to call, so I called."

After meeting with Tigers coach Mark Sartain, Corey joined the team two years ago as a running back.

"I felt like a freshman in high school again," he laughed. "I felt like I had something to prove and I was a little out of shape."

Corey endured. In 2007, he set a conference rushing record with five touchdowns in one game. Last season he was named first team All-American Southwest Conference.

On the field heroics come with off the field heroism. At 21-years-old, Corey is a married father. He works and through financial aid attends ETBU. A father of four, two of Corey's children were adopted when their mother, a childhood friend lost her life in a car wreck.

"When the names came up and I found out what happened they told me they were going to be put in foster homes and split up probably," Corey said.

"I really didn't want to see anybody get split away from their sibling like that so with my background and the family support I had, I figured hey if you want to have a family upbringing and be raised right, why anybody but me if I'm right here."

Corey said family keeps him focused. He has NFL hopes but said he's more concerned with being a good father.

"With them being my inspiration, even if I don't make it to the next level, when they get older I want them to be able to say 'Yeah, I saw my pops just go off on the field.'"