Jailer Shot In Undercover Narcotics Sting

An undercover agent shot a smith county jailer during an overnight narcotics sting Friday morning. It came as a surprise to the Smith County Sheriff's Department, who still can't explain why she was on the scene. During the drug deal, the undercover agent reportedly thought the woman was going for a weapon and drew his gun, shooting her in the arm.

Two Houston men, Donald Ray Johnson and Edward C. Neal, were arrested and charged with first degree felonies for possession of crack cocaine. As for the jailer, the sheriff says that matter is under investigation by an outside agency.

"Because of the shooting, and because of the problems that arose out of this," Sheriff J.B. Smith explained, "I immediately called the Texas Rangers to investigate it because an outside agency should always investigate something of this magnitude. We shouldn't be held responsible for investigating ourselves on something like this. I think the public would rather have it."

The woman has been employed as a jailer for the last four months. The Sheriff says they will be checking her level of involvement to see if charges should be filed.