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Mother takes drastic measures to protect family

By Layron Livingston - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Five times in the past month. Thats the number of burglaries reported at Southwest Pines Apartments. Of course, those numbers may go down after an East Texas mother took drastic measures to keep her family safe.

Demetria McGee, a mother turned hero, was determined to protect her family by any and all means.

"I just fired one through the door," said McGee.

She said that she had just put her two children to bed when...

"I heard three loud bangs on my front door," she continued. "I grabbed my cell phone, called my dad."

He told his daughter to take action.

"He told me to go get my piece which was my gun."

Locking her bedroom door, McGee watched and waited.

"I looked back toward my bedroom window, and I saw three silhouettes pass my bedroom window."

Cell phone in hand, McGee heard the chair propped against her patio door slide across the floor. The intruders were inside!

"At that time, I took my gun off of safety and made sure I had one in the chamber, and they started messing with the door."

With her children still asleep, and intruders outside her bedroom door, the worried mother called 9-1-1.

"I was telling dispatch, they're almost in! They're messing with the door. They're trying to pick the lock. They're almost in!

But McGee didn't give them the chance. One warning shot was all they got. The intruders left. One burglar through a window and the others out the door. Police arrived soon after informing McGee her shot found a mark, hitting one of the attempted burglars in the jaw.

A brave act from a mother of two who says any mother would do the same.

"I was just doing what any mother would do, and that's protect her children," said McGee.

As for the burglar shot by McGee, the fourteen year old is in good condition at a local hospital. He will undergo surgery before being released at which time he'll face residential burglary charges. Two other fourteen year olds were questioned by police before being released.

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