Funny Superbowl commercials address serious problems

By Courtney Lane - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

East Texas (KLTV) - Now more than ever, people need help finding good jobs. Among all the funny Superbowl commercials there were some that promised to help you find the perfect career.

We wanted to know just how helpful sites like Monster and Careerbuilder are...

We may all have had that annoying or maybe even disrespectful co-worker. New ads like one from Monster, offer you a helping hand out of that stinky place you're in to landing your dream job.

But do these sites actually work?

"I got a lot of hits and a lot of information but it ended up being like junk," said Robin Morris. "Find a job in Korea. I didn't want to move to Korea. Things that really weren't in the field I was looking for or something that I had done before."

For Morris, Monster didn't match-up enough jobs in East Texas. However in a quick search, we found more than 15 pages of positions from small areas like Tatum and Kilgore to Longview, Tyler, and Lufkin.

"It was completely free to enroll," said Morris. "You just go on there, create your ID and password, you put your information in and your previous job experiences."

Others tell us career-builder is also helpful, and while most employers buy in bulk to advertise openings, It's free for you to search.

"I have a friend who found a very good job with Texas Instruments on career builder," said Cynthia Tort. "It's a little bit more accurate it has more information, as far as the company info."

And even if it doesn't land you a job, Morris said features like the resume builder and interviewing tips prepare you for what's ahead.

"It was helpful for me personally, cause it helped me build what I needed," said Morris.

So, if you're ever feeling unappreciated, It doesn't hurt to look.

We also have a great resource on our homepage. Look for Job Link. You can find it under the "Classified" section at the top of the page.