Pittsburg women pull for Steelers

By Bob Hallmark - bio - email

Posted by Dana Hughey- bio - email

Longview, TX (KLTV) - With super bowl 43, came thousands of Super Bowl parties around the country, but perhaps nowhere was there one quite like Pittsburg, not Pennsylvania, but Texas. It is an all women Steelers-fan party.  They have the intensity of any athlete and are rabid about supporting their team. They are the lady Steelers fans of Pittsburg.

"I'm a die hard Steelers fan there's no greater team than the Pittsburgh Steelers, come on they're our namesake," says Steelers fan, Katrina Peoples.

And they cheer as loud as any Steel City fan.

"I'll always be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan whether they win or lose. They'll always be my team," says Pittsburg native Gracie Hollins.

The women started years ago holding Super Bowl parties at the height of Pittsburgh's dynasty.

"I'm a good Steelers fan because I'm with them no matter what," says Lois Williams of Pittsburg.

They give their all for the only team they pull for, The Pittsburg Steelers.