East Texas church holds adoption conference

By Morgan Chesky - email

Posted By Molly Reuter - bio - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Families For the Fatherless is the motto behind the effort to find homes for 100 orphans.  Earlier this month, KLTV 7 told you about a local church's Hope For 100 campaign.  Saturday, Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler held a conference to help those interested in adoption, or foster care.  Several adoption groups stood by answering questions about those children needing homes, many of whom are in East Texas.

"We have several thousand orphans right here in East Texas and those children want a mom and dad more than anything in the whole world, just a place to call home, a forever family, and so for those children it makes all the difference in the world," said Green Acres Reverend Kevin Burdette.  Hope For 100 kicked off this month.  For more information go to our hopepage and click on the Know More on 7 link.  There you will find Hope For 100.