With 112 victories, Marquis is winningest Wildcat ever

It's been a fun four years of high school basketball for Whitehouse's Mitch Marquis. The point guard has led the Wildcats to 112 victories, making him the winningest player ever to play for Whitehouse.

On the court, Mitch Marquis is a leader. the son of TJC coach Mike Marquis, Mitch was born and bred a point guard.

"My coaches really prepared me well for this," Marquis said. "With my dad, I've been around it so that really helped."

With a career record of 112-12, Mitch wrote his name in the Wildcats record books this year, in the same game he led Whitehouse to the Wagstaff tournament championship over John Tyler.

"I couldn't ask for anything better. You don't get too many nights like that playing. I wouldn't have wanted to do it anywhere else."

Like he dishes out the assists, Mitch is also quick to pass out the credit for his success.

"It's pretty special," Marquis said. "I've been blessed to be surrounded by some great teammates. I don't care about the individual stats, as long as my team wins, I'm going to be haoppy and they're going to be happy. That's how I look at it."

So Mitch is number one all time for Whitehouse, and the point guard even wants to help out the Wildcats of the future.

"I hope there's another kid out there that sees this and wants to break my record," Marquis admits. "That's how tradition continues."

For now, Mitch is 112 and counting.