Super Bowl weekend means high demand for wings

By Bob Hallmark - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

For the Wing Stop in Longview, wings are, well, flying off the shelves.

"It always gets hectic around this time of the year," said Andrew Meredith, Wing Stop manager. "[With the] Super Bowl coming up, [we have a] constant demand for wings. [We] already have plenty of pre-orders for Super Bowl."

A wing short fall from Pilgrims Pride struggles has some worried.

"It's not my fault," said Wyvonne.

"Is it your fault," asks Penn.

"Not my fault. I don't raise chickens." answered Wyvonne of Pittsburg.

"[It's] very depressing," said Reed, a wing lover.

Well, what are the alternatives? Chicken strips maybe? Chicken gizzards? Vegetable sticks? Maybe not. It seems nothing replaces wings.

"Quick and easy and good with beer," said Reed.

"I think we have many more things to worry about besides hot wings," said Med Daniels. "We've had plenty of chicken wings this week."

So you see, there are any number of alternatives to wings this Sunday for the Super Bowl. So stop blaming them, it's not our fault.

Finally, chickens we spoke with, who declined an interview, had the answer: Eat something else.

Happy news sports fans! Stores and restaurants we talked with said they have plenty of wings for Super Bowl weekend.