Where would you live?

By Jamey Boyum - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Are you happy where you live? in a new poll almost 46% of people in the latest poll said they were not.

In that survey they also asked people which big cities they would move to if they had the chance. The top five? Denver, followed by San Diego, Seattle, Tampa, and San Francisco. Here are the ones that came in the bottom five: Minneapolis, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and, finally Detroit.

For nearly half of Americans surveyed, grass is greener elsewhere, but what about East Texans?

"[I'ld] rather live here. Why? I've lived other places and its much calmer here," said Michael Cary.

"I like it where I'm at," said Jeremy Largent.

"[I like it] here definitely. Why? it's not too big or small," said Marty Liles.

"Where am I from? Arp," Heather Hall answers. "I'd rather live there because its small enough that I trust people around me but I'm close enough to all the shopping I want to do."

"I like it here," said Kristen Kirkland.

"We just moved here from Mississippi in August and we absolutely love it," said Claire Jolly.

A few want to run barefoot through greener grass.

"I'd rather live closer. [There's] not a whole lot to do in Winona. Tyler's not a bad place," said Kimberly Perryman.

"I'd rather live somewhere else, like Key West maybe," laughs Ralph Smith.

"I'd rather live in Wyoming," said Tyler Rodgers.

Casper didn't make the list. Unexpectedly Detroit did.

"I moved from that area 10 years ago and grew up right outside of Detroit. So I know it's the bottom now," said James Wilson.

The top of the list is Denver.

"I was in denver for a short time when I was in the sevice," said Smith. "It didn't impress me much."

"I've been to Denver," said Linda Bynum. "I wouldn't want to live in Denver. I'm going to stick to Lufkin."

Brrr. No, you can ski, but that's about it," said Krikland.

Eight out of ten East Texans are staying on their own grass. Zero out of eleven think Denver's grass is greener.

Where did Dallas and Fort Worth end up on the list?

Dallas is the 16th and Houston came in 19th.